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Easter Story Resources (Read Leaders Guide first): Click Here

Dear All
We hope this finds you well today. We’ve been having a think about how churches might share the Easter story with their local primary schools – in a way that’s simple and not too resource-heavy. We know that some of you host full-on Easter Trails but for others, this is just too much work at this busy time of year.
So we’ve produced a simple resource in the hope that you will consider offering it to a class or perhaps a year group at your local primary school. The key resource is the Leaders Guide (read that first so everything else makes sense) and most of the other resources you’ll need are also here: http://bit.ly/2HhFOpo There are pdf and word versions of most things and there are a few other things you’d need to gather.
It’s a very simple lesson for a regular sized class of about 30. It can take place in the classroom with a few resources spread around 6 tables. All the resources you need are listed. It would need between 4 and 6 adults to work. The lesson takes about an hour.
Wouldn’t it be amazing if every primary school child got to hear the Easter Story and to understand its meaning at least once in their time between Y3 and Y6?!
If you’d like to trial this with your local school – even just with one class – we’d love to know about it and get your feedback on how it went. This resource is absolutely meant to be adapted and tweaked according to your own context – please feel free to do that. But do let us know how it went.
Meeting up – if you would like to explore using this resource in your local school, and would like to chat with us about how to do this (e.g. gathering a small team, safeguarding, language and good practice etc) – we would LOVE to meet up with you in the run up to Easter.  Please get in touch with us. 
Hope to hear from you!
Keep going – we’re cheering you on!
Jane and Liz

Liz Ogborne