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Churches in the Community: Parties in the Park 2016

IMG9768Between 2012 and 2014, Churches Together in Greater Bristol (CTGB) helped set up three city-wide gatherings in the open air, under the banner of Together for Bristol.

For example, the Party in the Park in 2013, saw about 5,000 people gather at Castle Park as the Christian community blessed the general public, with a fun day in the sun, including many family activities and free ice creams and hot dogs (Click Here).

In 2016 and beyond, rather than have another city-wide gathering, CTGB is encouraging local groups of churches, including Churches Together groups, to engage with and bless their local communities in open spaces, such as parks, commons, streets or squares.

This can range from having a stand at an existing community gathering in the park, to setting up a whole weekend of community action linked to the Noise! For example, to find out about street parties for the Queen's 90th Birthday in June, Click Here.

In 2015, there were about eighteen gatherings like this across the region. Here are some examples, with the name of a person to contact if you want to find out more!
Also be inspired by a national initiative called THE BIGGEST PARTY EVER.com (Click Here), for guidance and resources for setting up a gathering, especially at Pentecost.

For help with setting up Sport activities, please contact World Sport Ministries (Click Here)

If you are interested in having a Salvation Army brass band, please contact Ian Mountford on

So, whether you are starting by setting up a stand, or are wanting to do something bigger, why not start thinking about how you can engage with your local community in the open air, in 2016 and beyond?! Please can you keep in touch with me concerning any further suggestions or actions you take linked to this idea?

Many thanks!
Roger Allen, Enabler of Unity and Mission, CTGB,
and Major Ian Mountford, Chair of CTGB.