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Parent Buddies Volunteer Opportunities

What is Parent Buddies?
Parent Buddies is a charity that partners with churches who have a vision for strengthening family
life. It provides high quality training and resources, equipping volunteers to support parents faced
with the daily challenges of parenting. The vision for Parent Buddies started in Resound, a church
in South Gloucestershire, where it has been successfully serving parents in the local community
since 2013. The service is now being replicated in other locations.

The Vision: To transform communities and strengthen families, by empowering parents to provide
their children with the best chances in life.

The Mission: To equip and train churches and local organisations to provide listening and support
to parents.

How it Works:

The role of Parent Buddies Charity is to:

1. Establish a partnership with churches who have a vision for strengthening family life.
2. Provide training in listening, signposting, and safeguarding.
3. Provide training, regular supervision and resources for Service Managers.
4. Provide guidelines, policies and follow-up training to ensure the quality of the service.

The role of the church is to:
1. Recruit, support and manage suitable volunteers.
2. Book training and ensure volunteers attend all sessions.
3. Promote Parent Buddies in the local community. Parents / primary carers can self-refer or be
referred by local agencies.

For more information please contact:

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