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May Update from The National Parenting Initiative

What a long time it has been since hugs and cups of tea indoors with friends and family.  How wonderful that these things are now a possibility!


I recently wrote a blog post on parenting during the pandemic for UK Marriage Week, and while on the one hand it all feels like yesterday, in other ways it seems unimaginable now that we had long periods of home schooling and quarantining.  We were together a lot, and while that wasn’t always easy, there was some deep joy in simply being together.  Dr Helen Bell from Connected Lives wrote a beautiful piece for our blog about ‘being with’ our children, which I highly recommend reading and pondering as life begins to return to ‘normal’.
At the NPI we have been continuing to develop our short, online Vision Events – next up is Bristol-Bath-Somerset (30th June).  Please do spread the word to anyone you think might like to join us.  Feedback from our last two events has been overwhelmingly positive, with it being a space to be inspired by resources and to meet leaders from great organisations working with families.
We look forward to letting you know which areas we will be heading to next, as well as our plans for a podcast…  Needless to say, we are still here and still doing all we can to support and strengthen family life.
As you know, at the NPI we try to do all we can to link up parents to churches running parenting courses.  If your church is beginning to run courses in person again, or is running a course online, please do let us know () so we can update our website and give out the most up to date information.
We are very grateful for your support and prayers.  Please do follow us on our social media platforms, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and if you are able to, please consider donating to our vision.  Thank you.

Posted: May 2021