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Emergency appeal for donations to keep Filwood Hope open

Our-servicesHaving supported people across Bristol facing crisis during lockdowns, Filwood Hope is now asking for individual donors across Bristol to help sustain its advice centre.

Co-founded by local church leaders 25 years ago, they are embedded in the local fabric of community life, and are valued by clients and local organisations.

In recent years they have been sustained financially through local government funding and trusts and grants, but this has either stopped or reduced very significantly, leaving the charity in a precarious position - precisely at a time when more people are expected to ask for support as they experience the cost of living crisis.

You can read the 'Help us love our neighbour' emergency appeal at (the 'why, what, how' sections give more details of the significance of their work).
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Ed Palairet, chair of trustees, is urging individuals to become donors: "I know of no more effective way to increase the level of hardship in South Bristol than for Filwood Hope to close."

And for those unable to give, Ed adds: "Please show Christian solidarity: bless this initiative of Churches Together by praying for a financial breakthrough within the next few weeks. We know that God often only acts just in time. We know he's into resurrection."

Emergency appeal

Posted: March 2022